E-Publishing Services

E-Publishing Services

Web Designs & Domains has well experienced E-publishing experts offering high quality e-publishing service in electronic publishing industry. We have combination of professionals and energetic work force. We are a specialist in field of academic, scientific and medical books and journals e-publishing services. Our service has international reputation for high quality and personal service, and a powerful combination of capabilities and technologies.

Our primary markets are professional, trade, medical, legal, scientific/technical, scholarly, reference and college publishing. Our present capacity is 600,000 pages of scientific books/ journals per annum and this is rapidly being expanded to yield to our client's demands.

Web Designs & Domains e-publishing services addresses the needs of the e-Publishing industry and help Publishers to get their products into the market place quickly, in print media, electronic media or in web media. Our work Force are well trained on Technical, Behavioral and team building exercise and we provide training to all the employees through our structured training programs to meet customer's requirements at any time and all the time.

Our Service has an integrated Quality audit and Quality control procedures to make sure our client gets an international quality in e-publishing industry. Every stage in E-publishing service is carefully executed by our professional experts having more than 5 years experience in publishing industry. Our service rates are flexible and tailor made for customers need. Our rates suit every customers need and requirement. The Prepress & e-Publishing Services from Web Designs & Domains process begins with the receiving manuscript and work specifications (Style Sheet) from the client.

The second stage is that of job discussion. The feasibility of the project undertaken and the complexity associated with it are assessed and platform on which the jobs are to be delivered are discussed during this stage. The manuscript and specifications are sent to our copy editor for Copy Editing. The Copy Editor is accountable for understanding the subject of the manuscript thoroughly and ensures that the content of the manuscript is correct and copy editors check the script for the grammatical and syntactically accuracy and finally script is readied with the required figures and diagrams.

The manuscript and specifications are sent to our copy editor for Copy Editing. The Copy Editor is accountable for understanding the subject of the manuscript thoroughly and ensures that the content of the manuscript is correct and copy editors check the script for the grammatical and syntactically accuracy and finally script is readied with the required figures and diagrams.

In case of any errors, Our QC Department will be notified and necessary corrections are made to the manuscript. The revisions are notified, in writing to the Production Department and final draft is sent to the author of the manuscript for approval. Publisher's specifications and requirement are laid out in the form of a ‘Style Sheet'. The style sheet is prepared as required by the publisher or author and necessary procedures or steps are taken to implement the exact style as requested by the author.

The style sheet requirement will be prepared parallel to copy editor's editing work of Manuscript and the specifications are finalized by our layout specialist. The pictures are handed over to the scanning and graphics department to ensure quality of scanning for halftones line artwork and color artwork. The quality of re labeling and retouching the artworks are as per the specified requirements The scanned, images are analyzed and the optimal settings such as sharpening and resolution and compression are chosen depending on the requirements of the job. The images are also accepted in any digital format from the authors itself and further improvements to be made are done.

The texts and contents are entered by operators. To ensure that the data being entered is 99% accurate they are verified by editors. Paginators receive inputs such as approved Layout from the layout specialist and the scanned Pictures/images from the scanning and graphics Department. Paginators also ensure the layout of the content and verify it as per the specifications. The figures and tables are chosen and placed by a paginator in coherence to the content. If there is any discrepancy then it is further verified and assessed by layout specialists and proofreaders.

After Paginators approval the contents are then proof read by proof readers to check for accuracy and to ensure that the delivered output exactly matches the requirements of the client. The responsibility of the proof readers is to ensure that the layout of the content is as per specifications in the style sheet. And finally the contents are checked by our quality controllers before dispatching final output. All files are checked with QC programs written specifically for each project

Our E-publishing service offers:

  • Digital typesetting
  • E-publishing (HTML, SGML, XML, e-books etc.)
  • Copy editing
  • Indexing
  • Data Conversion
  • Image Processing
  • Project Management of books
  • Journal Administration
  • Multi-language typesetting
  • Content Management System
  • Digital Asset Management (archiving
  • Pre-media services
  • Multi-media/ New media services
  • Course Management System
  • Consultancy & Training
  • Web Publishing

Data Conversion Processing

Our team of professionals has vast experience in harvesting data from the Web for directories and databases. Our professionals have extensive experience in the areas of database and directory creation, maintenance and updating. We provide quality services at affordable rates to our clients.

Our expertise in data processing domain also includes Indexes and Abstracts and Forms Processing.ur experienced web researchers mine the World Wide Web, harvest data and present them to you in the format you require.We deliver the right information to you, which you can use for action. We are impatient with 'weeds' and so we can spare you the headache of information overload.

Data Harvesting services:

Web Designs & Domains provides a wide range of customized web clippings from newspapers, magazines, business and industry journals and newsgroups and websites to keep you and your company abreast of the happenings. Web Designs & Domains's unique, customized service aims at offering each client highly specific and yet the most comprehensive web clippings. We have experienced journalist and editors offering their vast experience to develop e-clippings and e-newspapers.

After initial mining our specialized editors combines together the news items keeping your needs in mind. And our in-house developed spiders search the websites and information is gathered and results are compared. This whole service is also provided with Internet technology. So delivery of our product is also available via net itself. Web Designs & Domains also provides specialized secondary research services in varied fields. Our research department covers vast areas ranging from competitive intelligence reports to market research, business development and strategic planning.

Web Designs & Domains can be your ideal partner for outsourcing all your needs in data harvesting and digitization service. You get an information partner who cares for your business growth. Digitization Services At Web Designs & Domains, we provide comprehensive digitization services covering a multitude of formats and media. Our universal data conversion solutions and pre-press services are ideal for corporations, news organizations, publishers, educational institutions and libraries as well as all information intensive organizations.

Our digitization service division is well equipped to handle highly complex publishing solutions such as mathematical and scientific books, texts, journals and newsletters. Our expertise is built around a team of experienced editors, researchers and proofreaders, imaging and scanning technologies and document management standards that conform to global standards.

Our digitization service is available on following formats:

  • XML
  • SGML
  • MathML
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • XML

Data Capture / Coding Pre-press Services

  • Data Entry
  • OCR
  • Tagging
  • Editorial Services
  • Image Scanning
  • Typesetting
  • Proofreading
  • Indexing & Abstracting
  • Forms Processing
  • Transaction Processing

Data Encoding:

  • Extract Information from complicated forms / Data Presentation
  • PDF Processing -Bookmark Creation, Cover Insertion, Image Insertion

Data Conversion

  • High volume HTML to PDF
  • Any format to Image
  • Scanning & OCR

Data Entry:

  • Keyboarding (only English)
  • Proof Reading
  • Yellow / White Page Keying
  • XML Content Creation
  • XML Tagging
  • DTD / Schema Creation
  • Style sheet Creation
  • XML Error Checking and Correction
  • Conversion to different DTD

Web Harvesting:

Our experienced web researchers can mine the World Wide Web and harvest data and present them to you in the format customers require. Our Web harvesting service includes:

  • URL Verification
  • Contacts Information Gathering
  • Pulling Data from Websites/Portals
  • Conversion to Database or other formats
  • HTML/PDF Data Extraction
  • Real-time monitoring of websites/automated extraction
  • Information retrieval from Public Databases (Paid or otherwise)